Leaks can be detected from space. Utilis’ patented algorithms.

Utilis locates with high precision and rapidity the non-visible leaks in the drinking water pipes in the subsoil.

More than 230 projects implemented worldwide help to reduce Non Revenue Water saving water, energy, time and money.

Non-invasive method that surveys 100% of water pipes network of any material and diameter.

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Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Supervision of works and construction of infrastructure projects (port terminals, docks, buildings, cloud centers y warehouses).

Technical Audit for investment and levels of service compliance in concession contracts.

Hydraulic engineering.

F&C Consulting

Implementation and certification of Anti-bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001) for private and public sector companies.

Design and implementation of Corporate Governance and Compliance (ISO 19600).

Due Dilligence, forensics analysis and Risk Control Management.