ASTERRA Technology by Utilis

Satellite leak detection of water and wastewater using patented algorithms that identify soil moisture.

ASTERRA reduces effectively Non Revenue Water by early localization of hidden leaks with non invasive methodology.

Technology capacity is not affected by weather conditions (rains, clouds, day/night) and besides, it is agnostic and capable of analyze pipes of any diameter and any type of material until 3 meters of soil’s depth.

ASTERRA delivers Points of Interest (PoI) identifying water pipes that need to be verified with acoustic methods (geophones, listening sticks, acoustic correlators) improving the performance of field inspections.

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Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Supervision of works and construction of infrastructure projects (port terminals, docks, buildings, cloud centers y warehouses).

Technical Audit for investment and levels of service compliance in concession contracts.

Hydraulic engineering.

F&C Consulting

Implementation and certification of Anti-bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001) for private and public sector companies.

Design and implementation of Corporate Governance and Compliance (ISO 19600).

Due Dilligence, forensics analysis and Risk Control Management.


Plans for water use and integrated management of water resources

Advice in CAPEX plans and financing with national and multilateral banks

Master plan of water and wastewater services

Water and sanitation projects

Supervision and auditing of water works


Integrator of technological solutions for automation, telemetry, metering and infrastructure of potable water and waste water services for municipalities and industries.

Commercial advice and sales of water meters (Diehl) and telemetry

Design, implementation and turn key of Data Control Rooms

Preventive / Corrective Maintenance of instrumentation or electric/electronic equipment of SCADA

Inspection of water lines and service of leak detection with acoustic methods and satellite technology

Maintenance of water and wastewater networks

Construction and maintenance of water storage reservoirs


Advice for permits of authorization of use of water

Tariff studies and gradual implementation proposal

Improvement Plan of Water and Sanitation

Projects for water conservation and protection of water sources

Programs for water culture and sustainable use of water