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Recover Water and Wastewater

It locates and analyzes moisture leaking from underground pipes so that repairs can be planned and expedited. Recover uses Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) analytics and patented algorithms and delivers Points of Interests using GIS platform and mobile apps to monitor the performance of crew teams during field inspections.


It assesses deficiency conditions of water networks using 1-5 scale by using SAR analytics. Masterplan identifies the pipes according to the level of deficiency so water utilities are able to prioritize and optimize capital Investment plans for renewal or rehabilitation based on real data.


It monitors ground infrastructure and surrounding rights- of-way for underground soil moisture that affects earthen dams and levees, roadways, railbeds, mines, and large commercial properties. With help of SAR analytics, Earthworks subscription gives the ability to identify the excess of soil moisture that put in risk critical assets as well as people’s health and life.

For more information, please contact Mr. Fabian Chang ASTERRA business partner in Ecuador.

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