What do we do?

  • We identify business opportunities.
  • We provide insight information, data and business analysis tailored to your company.
  • We amplify your network of contacts with authorities, companies and professionals in the water and infrastructure sectors.
  • We provide personalized technical / commercial / communications advice.
  • We are specialists in management, regulatory affairs and economic / financial assessment.
  • We explore and implement new technologies for water conservation.

Our services

Commercial antenna

Express / Special report that identify business opportunities and insights for our customers.

Daily monitor of news, sector analysis, trends and Good practices of the industry.

Our value proposal is based on timely information and smart market knowledge for decision making.

Specialized services - Turn key projects

Satellite leak detection of water and wastewater for municipal utilities using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR analytics) and patented algorithms.

Design and construction, operation and maintenance of potable water systems and fire protection systems

Design and construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems, stormwater drainage systems; hydraulic works; and circular economy projects for water reuse and waste management.

Design, construction, commissioning of renewable energy projects and telecom’s networks of 4G and 5G.

Design, engineering, equipment and commissioning of charging stations for electric vehicles for industrial, domestic and public transport.

Advice and Consulting

Preparation of Tariff Study of Water and Wastewater services according to national and local regulations.

Design of Economic & Financial models for business plans and impact assessmen in regulated markets.

Advice of strategic communications for water, energy, waste and infrastructure companies.

Market research (quantitative / qualitative studies): census, customer satisfaction surveys, interviews, brand awareness, advertising impact, and work place conditions.

Market analysis for merger and acquisitions and compliance with antitrust affairs in Ecuador.

Due diligence and market valuation of local companies.